Datatron, what is eCommerce?

Hiram Lewis, Datatron Industries and eCommernce.
Datatron Industries has built various eCommerce sites for companies and individuals. When someone refers to an eCommerce website, they are talking about a website designed to do business and accept credit cards. Below are a few examples. Jobs for freelance developers can also be found at Datatron Industries.
When someone fills out a Section 8 application form, they are trying to apply for Section 8. The Section 8 online application form is only for Section 8, not for public housing.

The Section 8 home ownership program is a way for a low income family to purchase a home using their voucher. You have to apply for a housing choice voucher (the same as anyone else who does not have a voucher) and meet the eligibility requirements at the local PHA where you are applying. There is no preference based on the fact that you desire to use your voucher for homeownership. The home must pass an initial housing quality standards inspection conducted by the PHA and an independent home inspection before the PHA may approve the purchase by the family.
Try this site when you are looking for information about Section 8 rental assistance. Rental assistance programs are usually subsidized by Federal agencies like HUD. As with any government agency, red tape is involved, and Section 8 is no different.

If you want to become a Section 8 landlord, you must fill out paperwork, and then your local Public Housing Authority, which operates under the Housing Choice Voucher Program, must approve your rental property. Then, your property must undergo an inspection, and if approved, it must continue this type of inspection annually.

To pass, your property needs to meet acceptable health and safety codes. And whether your house is approved could depend on how stringent the inspector is in your area (meaning – you should expect to repair minor issues).
A subsidiary of, this website can help low income families and individuals find various rental programs and a free online section 8 application. The Housing Choice Voucher Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program provides rental assistance payments on behalf of low income individuals and families, including the elderly and persons with disabilities. The program provides financial assistance for decent, safe and sanitary housing to eligible households whose annual gross income does not exceed 50% of HUD’s median income guidelines. Be aware that in order to apply for Section 8 online, HUD requires 75% of all new households admitted to the program be at or below 30% of the area median income. Eligibility is based on several factors, including the household’s income, size and composition, citizenship status, assets, medical and childcare expenses. Qualified households may select the best available housing through direct negotiations with landlords to ensure accommodations that meet their needs. TDHCA pays approved rent amounts directly to property owners. Anyone can find a section 8 applications online free but you will only be considered if you meet the necessary criteria.
This website is also a subsidiary, but offers a new look and incite into howmeownership programs. Families that are eligible to apply for Section 8 online or for homeownership assistance may purchase a home outside the initial jurisdiction if the PHA in the new jurisdiction administers the homeownership voucher program and receives new families into the program. However, the family may only use the voucher to purchase a unit in an area where the family is income eligible at admission to the program.

There is no time limit for an elderly household or a disabled family. For all other families, there is a mandatory term limit of 15 years if the initial mortgage incurred to finance purchase of the home has a term that is 20 years or longer, and for all other cases the maximum term of homeownership assistance is 10 years. Low income apartment applications online are always free.