Hiram Lewis, Datatron Industries and black web developers.

Hiram Lewis and African American web developers

It’s no secret that there is a shortage of African American web developers. Part of this can be blamed on the dynamics of the United States. African Americans only make up about 11% of the population. It may also be the case however that blacks are not encouraged as much to pursue the tech industry. Hiram Lewis is a black web developer with Datatron Industries. Companies like Datatron that celebrate diversity set a shining example of what the future of website design could look like in the United States. Hiram Lewis holds a bachelors degree in communications, but is a self taught web developer.

What other companies embrace diversity like Hiram Lewis and Datatron?

African American Web Designers is a company that was created by Dr. Carlton Calhoun over 15 years ago. Initially, the goal was to provide affordable services to individuals and businesses who were in need of quality online branding and marketing services. In time, the agency became the go-to provider for businesses of all types, especially those within the African American business community and those who wanted to support the African American entrepreneur.

With a formal background in education, Dr. Carlton uses his gifts to educate, inspire, and provide opportunities to entrepreneurs across the country. In addition to several awards, Dr. Calhoun was honored as “Who’s Who in Black Atlanta” and “A Leader of Excellence” by E3 Magazine. Carlton has also received numerous other civic, educational, and business awards. He is passionate about helping people succeed in the areas of business and personal finance. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, he is a proud father, an avid martial artist and weapons enthusiast, and self-proclaimed foodie.

Hiram Lewis and website design

Learning PHP is probably the most important server side scripting tool that one can learn. Most of today’s content management systems are PHP based. There is a lot that makes up the entire spectrum of website design. A designer or web developer does not necessarily have to be an expert in all aspects: Database languages, server side scripting languages and Java, which communicates directly with the browser.

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