Below are some eCommerce websites that Hiram Lewis and Datatron Industries has recently developed

Datatron Industries specializes in website design and eCommerce. Datatron has developed hundreds of websites for companies and individuals alike. SEO experts can also be found at Datatron Industries. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Companies that come up first when their keywords are searched tend to make more money. These companies do not need to spend as much on advertising. Dating sites in the United States are on the rise. is a free online dating website that takes a new approach. actually rates how attractive their members are by manipulating a facial recognition program to render a score. This, "selfie score" tells members that are or aren't attractive. Other members of this popular Internet dating site can vote on someones score to raise or lower it. It's a brand new and exciting concept in online dating app. Hiram Lewis and Datatron Industries

As a freelance developer, how much can I make by completing a job on the Job Boards?

The jobs posted are usually for WP plugin fixes or simple login scripts. Posted jobs for freelance web developers or a freelance web designer can expect to make at least $50.00 for a job that requires a few hours. The amounts for each job are posted clearly on the Job Boards. All freelance developers are paid by check or through PayPal.