Explain what kind of job you would like Datatron to complete for you. When your job is accepted and terms are agreed upon, a $100.00 retainer will be required. This will be deducted from the jobs total cost. All completed jobs are guaranteed.

Datatron’s rates are as follows:

1. Purchase domain, set up web hosting by Godaddy or Bluehost and build a 5 page eCommerce website
(PayPal account setup included): $400.00 – Completed in 2 days

2. WP or any PHP based plugin modification or creation: $25.00 per hour – 5 hours is typical

3. Custom coding like redirects, payment forms, email forms ect: $25.00 per hour – 5 hours is typical

4. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Drive more traffic to your website: $25.00 per hour – 5 hours is typical

Choose from one of the services offered above and explain in greater detail what you need. You can also request a call.

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